Court of Appeals 07.14.09

I feel compelled in some way to report on the Court’s latest opinion release, especially since there’s a published land-use decision.  That said, even I’m having a hard time finding much to take away from these cases.  The neighbor-petitioner in Krummenacher v. Minnetonka challenges the city’s ability to allow expansion of nonconforming use by variance; the statute since 2004 has been pretty clear about a city’s ability to allow expansion through a hearing/permit process of its choosing.  An unpublished opinion on a negligent-repair case from Waseca is a helpful run-down of the benefits of having a road-repair policy, but nothing out of the ordinary.  And like most end runs, the legal outcome of “Gun SMOKE Monologues” fails to surprise. 

Summertime blues, maybe?


“Very boring but extremely informative”

Not exactly the credo I’m after, but I’ll take compliments when they’re given.