Change coming for the 60-day rule?

The appellate courts were quiet this week in case releases.  The court of appeals resolved a street-dedication issue in favor of Collegeville Township in a case that appears to have most of its interesting arguments knocked away in district court. 

Of interest, though, is the Supreme Court’s decision to grant review of a 60-day rule case out of Cook County.  At release, the Court of Appeals decision seemed very straightforward; I didn’t comment on it other than to congratulate my law school buddy Roy Christensen on the good result.  It didn’t seem like Supreme Court material.  However, the Court is still considering a case out of Lakeland which applied the 60-day rule against the DNR, which was argued October 12.  It doesn’t seem like the issues identified in the DNR case would affect local government approval, as the supplemental briefing request in that case mainly sought answers about the DNR commissioner’s authority.  Still, when the Court has taken briefs and argument on an issue, and grants review of a seemingly non-controversial case on the same topic, you have to wonder if big changes are coming.


One Response to “Change coming for the 60-day rule?”

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    […] case this morning.  The opinion comes with great anticipation, since the Court seemed to be grabbing non-controversial 60-day cases for review, pointing to a possible shift in doctrine on Minn. […]

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