Cert granted in Eagan condemnation case

In trial last week, catching up …

The Supreme Court granted the City of Eagan’s petition for review in the Cedar Grove condmnation and redevelopment effort.  The Court of Appeals ruled in May that the City’s Economic Development Authority failed to meet a prerequisite (the City’s resolution authorizing the takings required an approved development agreement, which wasn’t in place when the judicial takings were filed in 2007), rendering the condemnation invalid.  The City presumably is arguing that the scope of the condemnation power is not affected by delegation of the task of getting the takings done to an EDA.

The Court denied review of the airport dispute between the City of Owatonna and a fixed-base operator at the airport.  The Court of Appeals applied straight contract law in reaching its decision in June; no quirks of municipal law or airport law played a role.


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