Bill Introductions – First Week of March

Last week brought a wave of bills with aims to modify municipal policy (and that’s without digging into the details of tax bills).  Here’s some of the bills we’re looking at:

HF 1180/SF 1207 clarifying the meaning of “discipline” under the Data Practices Act.

HF 1190  requiring state and municipal fleet purchases to be 25% electric vehicles after 2012.  The bill also would require that all full-size pickups bought by governments by “manufactured in Minnesota” – as long as we’re hoping for massive positive change in the auto industry in three years or less, why not?

HF 1195 proposing mandate relief and actually identifying some mandates to be lifted (on the fast track, had one committee hearing yesterday, and goes before another committee tomorrow).

HF 1201 encouraging the use of performance measurement techniques.

HF 1294  Repealing sunday sales restrictions on liquor, cars, etc.

HF 1297/SF 1163 making substantial changes to annexation statutes.

HF 1377 ending municipal liquor stores.

HF 1398/SF 761 House companion to the Senate alternate publication bill mentioned in our first post.

SF 1181 which appears to be a more aggressive proposal to let the Web replace newspapers (except for annexation, assessments, and zoning notices)

The first committee deadline – for bills to make it out of their initial committee – is March 27.


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